Buy-back and ban semi-auto weapons in NZ

$7 per adult would buy back all semi-auto weapons 

Like all in New Zealand, my wife and I are stunned and saddened at the massacre at the Christchurch mosques 4 days ago.

Our hearts go out to the families of the 50 who were killed and the 50 who were wounded. We brought flowers to the Hamilton mosque on Sunday – and there were already thousands of bouquets and notes of support and love. “They are us” was palpable. It moved Jenny to tears.

We think, “This can’t have happened. Not in NZ.”  And it would not have happened if NZ had same gun laws as Australia.

It took the 1996 massacre in Australia for the government to swiftly enforce tougher gun laws. We need do same, swiftly.

The fair-price buy-back cost each Australian taxpayer $15. At 15,000 semi-auto rifles in NZ, we could do same for $7 per adult.

We cannot risk this happening again.

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