Sierra Leone Day 36: ZERO again! Lockdown, Tragic tryst & Hospital fear

Yesterday was 2nd ZERO day in 2 weeks!

Last weekend was 3-day Lockdown

– everyone indoors save for aid staff and 7000 gov workers delivering soap, brochures, advice & support
 What was daily a bustling road and marketplace that you weaved your vehicle through  – was eerily empty! Not a soul – an Apocalypse. This is Lockdown  IMG_2908
 IMG_2925 IMG_2916IMG_2924  IMG_2922 Lockdown means travel to distant districts to assist local staff. Mine were Tonkolili, Port Loko and Kambia. IHP camp at Port Loko is “tent city” all for aid workers –I was the “1,000th guest” (no prize tho) and 88 staying the night. The Danish disaster-response group DEMA were hosts –respond within 24hrs of a disaster; have tents up in a week; underground piping 2 weeks later. 8 to a tent, all with own “room”, 24/7 light, power, internet, reception and cafeteria. No one snored but the stretchers creaked with resolving minds.
 Tragic tryst. The woman who contracted Ebola and broke the 3-week Zero in Liberia, may have contracted it via unprotected sex with her Survivor partner – prompting the Liberian Gov to extend the “protected sex period” from 90 days (semen safe time) – to “Indefinite pending further research”.
  Hospital fear. This Health Unit wall chart reveals a troublesome issue – all patient visits and drug treatments suddenly stopped in Oct – when word spread that you, “contracted Ebola by going to hospital

PHU wall chart - pts stopped coming v2

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