WHO launches Injection Safety campaign

I am fortunate to have spent two days at the Geneva WHO SIGN meeting where Dr Chan, WHO D-G launched the new Injection Safety campaign.

I am very excited because HCW sharps safety is an integral part of the campaign.

Even with safety engineered devices (SED), many countries are finding if difficult to further reduce their sharps injury incidence and this is the shot in the arm (forgive the pun) that they need.

As with WHO’s Hand Hygiene campaign, WHO will ask their 194 member countries to sign up to the campaign. Hopefully this will lead to the increased resources needed for more SED uptake and greater attention to competency-based SED training.

The campaign will require all signatories to exclusively use SED that meet WHO Prequal Standards (or their equivalent) by 2020.

I’m about to board a plane to Sierra Leone to assist for 2 months a CDC and WHO program to establish an Infection Control infrastructure throughout the 14 provinces. I’ll keep you updated via this website.

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